An Uncommon Woman

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SO happy to share novel eleven with you! Here are my cover thoughts from my newsletter…

I love the up-close image of Tessa Swan, our heroine. She has a simple beauty and strength. I asked that her hair be messy and those dangling strings of her cap be left untied. In the novel, our hero says her pale cap is the only ruffled thing about her. For the sake of accuracy, Revell’s design team hunted down a ruffled head covering which is quite 18th-century as is the linen fichu about her shoulders. Her indigo dress was also a very familiar color back then. Framed by the western Virginia wilderness setting, she is as authentic as the landscape around her. Since an Indian captivity theme is central to this story, that element is included with more Indian motifs to come on the back cover and possibly the spine, too.

Thank you, Revell!