Yes to the dress!

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Cover art continues to be my favorite part of publishing and it seems to be of fascination for many readers, too. Other than reading the book! I begin thinking about a cover as soon as I start writing the book and create a ‘secret’ Pinterest board where I save images to share with my publisher when it’s time for a title and the beginning of a book cover.

I fell ln love with this blue gown which actually exists in a museum collection and was worn by a lady in history during the time The Lacemaker is set. I never dreamed it would actually become the cover of my ninth novel. But the art team/designer felt it would be perfect for the story, too!

Before they chose that final design, many others were considered as you can see here. Love all the colors, lace, the 18th-century dress options, the poses, etc. I’d have a hard time making up my mind!

Here are the five covers that made the cut before the final was chosen. While I like some elements in each like the bridal white of the one dress and the Georgian house of the one at the center, I can see why the final cover was chosen. But before it was, it had to pass through editors, sales & marketing, and more. This is the first cover of mine without my heroine, just a glimpse of her bare arm. Your imagination has to complete the rest.

And that, my friends, is the rest of the story!


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