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As an author, I’m aware of the fine balance between not telling readers enough and telling too much. Beware of spoilers! Since there have been some requests to share what comes next, I’m delighted to write this post. I’ll try not to overshare! TMI, as my sons say:)

This past November I turned in novel 11 to Revell. My head editor gets the manuscript first before passing it inhouse to the rest of the team. She has loooonnnng experience with books and is very considerate of an author’s vision and story. When she waves the rare red flag, I take note. We agreed that the heroine’s name didn’t suit the hero’s very heroic name or the strong secondary female character’s name. I’d never been quite comfortable with calling her Paisley though her family hails from Paisley, Scotland. So, after asking readers for help on my FB Author Page, a very worthy heroine’s name was found. I hope it delights you like it does me. Names are such important things, even in fiction!

This novel is set in what is now present-day West Virginia, so incredibly historic and the perfect backdrop for a frontier story. Think Indian captivity theme and the settling of that very picturesque area along the Buckhannon River. My favorite scene is taken straight from the region’s pioneer history. Titling and cover art have now begun! On shelves January 2020.

I’m nearly halfway through writing this Jamestown novel, 1634. Or as they said back then, James Cittie. The 17th-century was an oozing mass of unrest as the new world collided with the old. And I now have new respect and also disdain for those first Virginia settlers. I’ve also learned that not much of what we have been taught about Pocahontas and her people is true. I hope to breathe more fact than fiction into this story inspired by her. On shelves January 2021.

Can you tell I love talking books?

Thank you for stopping by and catching up on some novel news!