Disturb Not

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During my last stay at Colonial Williamsburg’s historic lodging, this clever little sign on my door made me chuckle. But the truth is, the 21st-century is what I need rest from, not the 18th-century! Writing, a doorway to the past, has always been a blessed escape. So… what worlds am I in for the next contracted books?

January 2022

A Heart Adrift

The cover for my 13th historical novel is one of my favorites, compliments of Revell’s Laura Klynstra who has designed covers for New York Times bestselling authors. While it would be a dream to land on such a list, my real hope is that this sea captain hero & chocolatier heroine sweep you away in this next Tidewater tale that opens in autumn of 1755.

January 2023

The Rose &Thistle

I’ve finished & am editing/polishing my second Scottish novel due in January. My tentative title is The Rose & Thistle though my publisher might decide on a better title. I have a few most beloved stories I’ve written and this is one of them. Inspired by my Scottish heritage, this novel of a Lowland Scot and a Northumbrian heiress weighs in at over 400 pages. Cover art begins soon!

January 2024


It’s always a joy & a challenge to begin a new novel. This time I go north before I veer south again with an Acadian heroine and a frontier hero. I have a stack of research books I’m wading through, taking notes, and combing through character names. I’m returning to Colonial WIliamsburg in the year 1755 and will also move west over the mountains. I love my heroine’s unique but period-appropriate name.

January 2025


Exciting adventures ahead!