At my desk out west

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It’s that wonderful time of almost summer when I just pressed SEND and returned galleys of Tidewater Bride to my publisher & am now almost ready to share the new cover while awaiting the final pages to read one last time before the book goes to print. I usually run out into the garden and pick flowers to decorate those pages before prayerfully going over the novel before it reaches your hands.

So many book events that I’d looked forward to this year have been cancelled. Staying home is good but getting old. But I must admit that all this quarantining does wonders for writing. I’m beginning to think of ideas for future books. But first there’s another for Revell in my current contract that I’m nearly finished with and is due this November.

And I’m wondering what kind of stories and settings you are hoping to read? Anything you have a heart for but can’t find? Any history you’d love brought to the page?


I’d love to hear your thoughts!