Character Inspiration for A BOUND HEART

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Being a visual person, I enjoy finding images that fit my characters on Pinterest or other places that flesh out my word pictures on the page. Yet I don’t often post them because every reader has a different version of the hero and heroine in their head & heart while reading and I never want to impose on that. But since some of you have asked, I’m glad to share this bit of inspiration!

It’s been said that within a few seconds of reading a compelling novel, the words begin to unreel in your mind like a movie. Characters spring to life and move and breathe, a most magical happenstance. Imagination is truly a wondrous thing!

Lark is as earthy as her name. And aye, she appears to have a bird’s nest crown on her red head. I was instantly enamored with this image though I prefer my characters to be more plain than pretty. She’s a beauty, at least in the laird’s eyes.

Through the haze, Magnus saw a figure, shawl about her shoulders, basket in hand.

Magnus MacLeish is laird of his own small kingdom on the Isle of Kerrera, a blend of rugged west coast Scots and Edinburgh finesse.

“Good morning to ye, Lark.” The laird stood in the open stillroom doorway, startling her. He was kilted, his hands caught behind his back.

Seldom did he come here. She hadn’t seen him for a fortnight or better. He was mostly in Edinburgh at the courts of law.

Seeing him now, she nearly dropped her basket. “Yer lairdship—”

“Be done with that, Lark.” Sunlight spilled into the space between them. And an unseen wall of reserve.


My favorite character in A Bound Heart is a red-headed handful as Lark says of him in the novel. I hope Larkin leaves you smitten, too.

A ruadh-headed handful he was. He gave a chortle of delight, and the knot of women looked relieved, spared of his fretfulness. His dimpled hand brushed Lark’s flushed cheek, his bright eyes on her face.

Happy Reading!