Novel Eleven Has A Name!

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My favorite time of year in the publishing world is titling and cover art. The best book titles should be intriguing and true to the novel. For novel 11, An Uncommon Woman even has a poetic ring and works well for historical fiction. I hope you like it, too!

Next comes cover art. I’ve ‘met’ the striking model from her portfolio and like her strength and simple beauty. She’s my publisher’s pick for this uncommon woman you’re about to meet. I had fun choosing from a collection of caps she might have worn in the 18th-century as well as her garments, thanks to the art team.

Now the cover countdown begins. When I’m emailed the final image or design that’s been created after weeks or even months of work by the art team, I always hold my breath and open the file. There you are as an author with the actual face of your novel – quite an experience! Once it’s approved by the entire Revell team, it’s given the green light to share with reading friends.

Counting down with you!