Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022

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It’s always interesting to look back on the past year in pictures. A brief snapshot of your life in a few significant frames. These are my Top 9 photos from my Instagram account based on the number of likes. I hide likes for my posts as I’m not a numbers person so they mean little to me. I do have to pay attention to how many books are sold, however!

Looking at these Top 9 photos reminds me of what’s truly important. My ministry or calling is books but there are only 3 book-related photos. Most of them are of family & the central event of our year, Wyatt & Faith’s wedding on 4.3.21 There’s even a somewhat vintage photo of our own wedding almost 28 years ago. How times have changed even in picture quality! Our romance began before social media, texting, & all the rest. I’m so grateful yet at the same time I wish we had had the benefit of stellar photography & video to capture those shining moments. The only unrelated photo is from the show Miss Scarlet & the Duke on PBS. Season 2 is coming & I highly recommend it!

So, here’s to 2022. And I’ve decided this coming year I’m going to TAKE MY TIME. I have a hurry habit. I even walk fast. My firefighter son recently encouraged me to slow down. This was after a bad fall over a curb which I was rushing over & didn’t see. That injury reminded me that I’m no longer 20! The only thing I don’t rush is my writing/work. If you read my novels then you know I’m not in a hurry:)

 I’m hoping for a brighter, more Christ-centered 2022 for each of us. We’re not the same as we were in 2020 or 2021. Much has changed. But God is so good at silver-linings. And for those of us who truly know Him, we have a very happy ending💛