A new novel & a new imaginary world

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This time of year is always exciting as I’m busy with promo, release prep, podcasts, etc. I’m also busy polishing that next historical novel due to my editorial team the same day The Rose and the Thistle releases on January 3rd, 2023. Then there’s the holiday rush, decorating the house (Christmas tree on the deck this year, little white lights everywhere inside, adorning the mantel), ordering Honeybaked Ham & their wondrous hot fudge cheesecake, plus the cherry on top is the arrival of our first grandbaby – & it’s a beautiful girl! As I always say, real babies trump book babies any day!

As for this book baby, The Rose & the Thistle is one of my favorites of the fourteen published novels I’ve written. When I think back to all the characters and story worlds I’ve inhabited since age 7, I’m very thankful for God’s gift of imagination & a rich interior life. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed any as much as this particular French/English/Scottish historical novel, perhaps because so much of my family history and ancestry are wrapped up in this tale and I was recently able to visit the locations in person.

Not too much longer till release. I hope you’re ready to meet this new hero and heroine with their unique names & backgrounds & all the beautiful places they’ve tarried!

Happy reading!