The Time~Warp Wife

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This summer is a summer to remember. Major remodel. Empty nest. Church search. Parting with 25 years of stuff in order to simplify. Despite working on 2 historical books, I still found myself longing for a Bible study to do on my own. That spiritual hunger is the sweetest of all & God never fails to satisfy & serve up His Word!

I don’t even remember how I stumbled across (divinely timed) Darlene Schacht but her ministry name reeled me right in. How intriguing is Time~Warp Wife? I’d never heard of her before but was soon searching her website. And I had to smile because at the top of her home page in pink (my favorite color) reads BIBLE STUDIES FOR WOMEN. Wow!

I ordered two, Philippians, The Joy of Christian Living and Quieting Your Heart Gratitude Journal. She has many more! Her beautiful images (some are shown above) speak to my heart. She has quite a personal testimony. I can’t wait to read her book about how the Lord got hold of her and transformed her. Wow, again!

I always feel I find these things not just for myself but to share. So if you’re looking for a summer study to do on your own or maybe even lead one and bless others you know, please visit Time~Warp Wife. I’m so happy I did!