KSDAR Reading List

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It’s such an honor to find The Lacemaker on the current KSDAR list among so many fine books. I see quite a few here that I’ve read and others new to me that I’m adding to my stack! As a member of the DAR, specifically the Berea-Laurel Ridges Chapter, I’m especially blessed. Heartfelt thanks to those who compiled the list for the benefit of both authors and readers!

I’m a lifelong fan of Allan Eckert and met him at the Kentucky Book Fair soon after my debut novel, The Frontiersman’s Daughter, was released. We even shared a seat as we rode to and from an author event and we talked up a storm. A few months later he emailed me to say that he’d read my book and enjoyed it thoroughly once he got past the romancy cover! He has since passed away and is missed by many, both in person and on the page. I don’t think anyone has ever captured frontier America like he did.

Here’s the full KSDAR list, both fiction and nonfiction, for those interested…


Happy reading!