Endorsements for A Heart Adrift

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Early in my publishing career it was very hard to get endorsements for my first novels. I was basically an unknown & who wants to leave an endorsement for someone they’ve not read or met? An endorsement from a fellow author signifies a significant amount of time invested in a novel & then their thoughts about that novel which can help it land in reading hands. I’m so grateful for these three authors I esteem so highly for being willing to read & endorse A Heart Adrift. They write wonderfully unique novels all their own. I hope they’re known to you or if not, please look them up!

“A Heart Adrift is a lush treatise on love lost and found at the intersection of ambition and desire. While Esmee endeared me as a woman with agency and intellect persevering against the rigid constructs of her time period, Henri’s passion to forge a life with the woman he loves while encroaching danger looms awakened every last one of my romantic sensibilities. Laura Frantz’s rich tapestry of history and heroism is destined to dazzle readers of Susanna Kearsley and Diana Gabaldon– all while luring new fans with its intricate plot, delicious pacing and welcome intrigue. This long established queen of epic historical fiction is at the height of her game. And I know I speak for many when I happily say: I cannot wait to see where she sweeps us away to next!

Award-winning author and reviewer, Rachel McMillan

The perfect blend of history, faith, and love in all its forms, this tale of second chances and brave choices swept me away. Laura Frantz brings colonial coastal Virginia to life so well, I could almost taste the salty sea breeze. Expertly crafted and elegantly penned, A Heart Adrift proves once again why this author ranks among my all-time favorites. Highly recommended for fans of historical fiction.”
Jocelyn Green, Christy Award-winning author of Shadows of the White City
Laura Frantz has a way with story, lacing her books with hope and starlight. A Heart Adrift contains a considerable amount of both. It’s a sweetly satisfying novel that is as addictive as the chocolates Esmée Shaw creates and Henri Lennox craves. A slow-burn romance aches with longing and the possibility of second chances, but it’s the relationship between vastly different sisters that stole my heart: gentle Esmée, who finds all she’s ever wanted against the backdrop of crashing waves and an isolated island, and vivacious Eliza, a woman who discovers everything she was always meant to be in the loss of all she thought she was. A Heart Adrift firmly anchors readers during the stirrings of the hardly remembered French and Indian War. And in the middle of that storm, it shines a light on providential grace and the beauty of redemptive love.”
Kimberly Duffy, author of A Tapestry of Light and Every Word Unsaid