American Girl Chapter 2 ~ Finding Felicity

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felicity collage

Felicity: felicity (n.) Look up felicity at Dictionary.comlate 14c., from Old French felicite (14c.) “happy, fortunate, fruitful, fertile.”

If you missed my previous post on my recent discovery of American Girl dolls please go here if you want to catch up. Now I’ll tell you the rest of the story…

I never dreamed of having my own Felicity especially since she’s been retired for a few years now and is no longer available to purchase in AG stores. BUT, unbeknownst to me, my boys decided their daughter-deprived mother must have a doll :). So Paul went shopping on Amazon and Wyatt started perusing Craigslist, something I know little about. It’s a man’s world over there, or so I thought, but lo and behold Wyatt found Felicity. Since both boys had had summer jobs they decided to surprise me with a doll.

Two of them!

felicity discovery bay.jpg

So I drove down to Discovery Bay to pick up Felicity #1. Her owners wanted to meet whoever was taking their doll home. These adoptions are taken very seriously!

When I realized another Felicity was en route I decided it would be better to share so we found a good home for Felicity #1 very quickly. When Felicity #2 came in the mail a couple of weeks later I was amazed! I felt like a little girl again I was so delighted! The seller not only sent the doll but included some surprise outfits that weren’t listed in the advertisement. You can see the little cardinal cape and muffs and the work dress and kerchief and cap above. I set the little colonial chair atop a bookshelf beside some pewter plates, too.

So for those of you who have been asking about my American Girl hunt, here’s the post 🙂 As you can see, Felicity is quite at home in my office beside Eden, whose dress and hair are remarkably similar! Now I finally know why so many of you have an American Girl addiction!

I do, too!