American girl…and boys!

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boys collage

Today my men and I took the ferry over to Seattle and spent the day doing a little school shopping as they start back to class next week. I couldn’t help but think of a trip we took when my first book was published several years ago (left) and contrast it to today on the ferry (right) when my 5th book is coming out. Wyatt is the oldest and Paul is the youngest. How times have changed! It was a bittersweet moment when I thought about it…

american girl collage

Since I only have boys and nary a girl, I was delighted to discover something completely new to me in Seattle – a PINK (favorite color) AMERICAN GIRL store. While my men shopped at Lids and Champs and FootLocker, I just grew dizzy amongst all those dolls! Especially when I stumbled on FELICITY – a bonafide COLONIAL! There was even a little tearoom in this very girly store where a birthday party was in progress. All these little girls were dressed up eating cupcakes and their dolls were seated beside them. I was IN AWE! Life with boys is so completely different – for a moment I lost my head and decided I simply must have a DOLL. As you can see, I did come away with paper dolls and a few little gifts for girly friends. I felt like a new creature! And now am having dreams of a grand-girl someday…

Needless to say, I am late to the American Girl doll scene. But I AM ENAMORED nonetheless.

Pardon this very silly post…but do any of you have a history with these dolls? And do you have a favorite?!