A Tale of Two Lacemakers

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What do you do when you discover one of your favorite authors has created a lacemaking heroine like yours? Panic? Pout? Cry? Revise? Nope. REJOICE!

Jocelyn says it best in her recent blog post:

A Tale of Two Lacemakers

“But here’s something I bet you didn’t know: our heroines are related! 

Laura’s story is set in colonial Williamsburg on the eve of the American Revolution. Mine starts in Paris during the French Revolution and quickly moves to Philadelphia in 1794. The connection between the lacemakers was easy to imagine, because lacemaking is typically a tradition passed down from one generation of women to the next. Laura and I had a great time creating a family tree with roots in France, and determining where the branches reached to England before spanning the ocean to America. Our heroines don’t interact with each other in either book, but eagle-eyed readers will catch the mention of great-grandmothers they shared in each one.”

By now you are probably as smitten with Jocelyn’s cover for A Refuge Assured as I am. The color of that gorgeous gown, the lace insets at the cover’s corners, that fan! And a double blessing is that these novels release back to back. We hope you find both stories to be rich in history and romance with enduring spiritual truths.

Here’s to two lacemaking heroines you’ll meet early in 2018!

Happy reading!