A Company of Heroes

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Everybody loves a hero, be it in books, films, or real life.

America was built on the bones of great heroes like Boone and Washington, Lee and Lincoln, to name just a few. Historical authors have a wealth of inspiration to draw from and I’m so grateful!

Readers often ask about the inspiration behind my heroes. How I find names. Occupations. Character traits. Physical qualities.

My heroes are created mostly with one consideration in mind. The author must be smitten. If I fall in love with a hero on the page, chances are you will find him reader-worthy, too.

Which one of my heroes do I like/love best?

Imagination is a funny thing:) The heroes of my earlier novels were so real to me I could almost hear them breathing. Red Shirt was so vivid that I became Morrow for a time, joining him on those treacherous trails like many a pioneer woman did long ago. Willing to follow him anywhere.

Silas Ballantyne won my heart for his intrepid Scots spirit and the way he could play a violin. Jack Turlock is a bad boy turned good, redeemed from an unregenerate family in heartbreaking ways. Ian Justice is perhaps not as heroic as Captain Jack, so readers tell me. James Sackett is my most gentlemanly character. Sion Morgan might be the bravest. My military men – Colonel McLinn, General Ogilvy, and Major Rynallt are all cut from the same courageous cloth and have loads of integrity, always a personal hallmark of a hero.

If you take note of hair color, not one of my heroes has been blonde! Most have blue or green eyes. All are tall. I write a hero based on what I find most irresistible in real life. My husband is dark as are my sons:) I’m the only blonde in the bunch.

My favorite literary hero of all time is Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre. Dark. Intense. Haunted. Passionate. Broody. Brave. Brilliant.

My favorite Biblical hero is Joseph in Genesis. What an epic story, one I never tire of reading.

I’d love to know which fictional or Biblical hero you find irresistible – and why…