Wheest! Scotland!

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I’ll soon be setting off for Scotland:) In 18th-century days, a ship’s journey would take about 8 weeks ~ if all went well. Often it did not! I’m thankful for air travel these days though I do love the romance and drama of old ships.

I’ll be flying from Seattle to Newark, New Jersey where I’ll meet up with a friend from Tennessee then join Liz Curtis Higgs and ladies in the wee small hours in Glasgow. We leave out of Edinburgh – but there’s lots to do and see in between!

 Here are a few highlights of our coming trip…

We’ll be staying here at the Atholl Palace Hotel in the Highlands. If “Atholl” rings a bell it’s because  the Duke of Atholl and the Atholl estate played a part in Love’s Reckoning.

Nearby Blair Castle is another spot we’ll be visiting, where Silas Ballantyne was a shepherd-tenant and his father was fiddler and composer to the duke. In reality, Silas’s father was modeled after Niel Gow, the renowned fiddler to the Atholl’s and the musical genius of Scotland.

A portrait of Gow and his fiddle hangs in the great hall of the castle. Since my son, Paul, is a fiddler, I’ve been a fan of Niel Gow and Scottish fiddling for years.

We’ll also be staying here on Loch Lomond at Cameron House. High tea is on the menu, as is a harp player, my favorite instrument second to the fiddle. We’ll also be taking a train across Scotland which is, interestingly enough, smaller than the state of Indiana. Or so I’ve been told. I cannot wait to try Sticky Toffee Pudding ~ and some Scottish-steeped tea. And shortbread, of course…

No trip to Edinburgh would be complete without a stop at the Writers’ Museum:) Hope to soak up lots of inspiration while there for future stories.  Am sure the weather will be typically Scottish – grey, misty, and maybe a gandiegow or two;) 

If you can’t get enough of Scotland, please visit My Scottish Heart for more…

I’ll close comments here since I won’t be here to answer them. Am kissing all electronic devices goodbye this trip, laptop included…

But I’ll try to pack some wonderfully Scottish things in my bags to share when I return! Prayers for health and safe travel so appreciated.

Till then, haste ye back, lass!