The road home

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Here we are and it’s June!

I want to update the journal here before I sign off for the summer. I’ll join you again in August when the release day for The Mistress of Tall Acre draws near. For now we are finalizing the big move and getting ready to go.

cabin drive fall

Here’s the road leading up to the cabin, taken last fall when I saw it for the first time. I’ll be sure and post a summer foliage picture soon. It’s quite lush this time of year. Since the cabin is situated on its own little hill, you can see the sun rise and set from the front porch. My first purchase will be a porch swing:) Can’t wait to get my fill of sweet tea and lightning bugs, neither of which exist in the Pacific Northwest.

We need and appreciate your prayers as we begin this big adventure. Praying you have a blessed summer and we can catch up when I return!

Psalm 121: 7~8