glengorm best blog byeI want to wave you farewell till June as I’m leaving for Scotland again soon. Once in Glasgow I’ll take a train into the Highlands then ferry over to the Hebrides and stay here in the islands. Scotland in May is a marvelous thing:) There are only a few hours of darkness and everything is so vividly green.

edge of the world

For centuries the Hebrides have been known as the Edge of the World. You get a little glimpse of why this is so in this remarkable picture. National Geographic says, “Scotland’s Hebrides, islands both stern and sublime, have taught centuries of artists, scientists, poets, and travelers to treasure the wild.”

granada best

My brother and his family live in Spain so I’ll end May with them here. I haven’t been to Spain in many years so it will be wonderful to return. They’re in ministry and it’s the first time I’ve visited them on the field so am very thankful. I’d so appreciate your prayers as I travel. I’ll be thinking of you and the prayer requests you’ve shared here and via email.

See you in June!

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