The cover that wasn’t!

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Love's Fortune snow scene

For you kindred cover spirits out there, I just had to post the lovely cover that was designed when he realized I had my heart set on a snow scene. Bless you, Brandon Hill! Since Wren’s story begins in autumn but quickly shifts to winter where the bulk of the novel takes place, I thought this cover would be perfect.

In Love’s Reckoning, Eden’s cover reflected fall, Ellie’s was set in spring, Wren’s would naturally be winter. But alas! I do love the final cover since the story opens in late summer or autumn and Wren looks pretty shivery in that snow scene in her lovely dress!

The working title for Wren’s story was originally Love’s Enduring.

Perhaps I shall save that for another story in future!

wren 1

So now you know you know the rest of the story!

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