The other day I was in the car with my husband running errands around town. I’d left my phone at home but needed to reply to someone on social media so borrowed his phone to do that. When I accessed my Facebook account I saw nearly 100 Top Fans who’ve claimed that badge on my page, something that is usually hidden from me. I prefer to think of you as Top Friends instead of fans. And I was reminded anew just how grateful I am for the reading community, especially those who visit my social media sites and make time for my novels. You are treasured and I am deeply thankful!

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving and all things thankful, I’m hosting a giveaway full of fun gifts and gratitude starting this Wednesday, November 4th on my author Facebook page. The giveaway will remain open until Monday, November 9th. I hope you’ll join in! Just follow the link below…

Thankful for Readers Giveaway

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