Snowed in!

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cabin snow january

I think this looks very Lael-like. For those of you who remember The Frontiersman’s Daughter, I’m thinking of that beloved character and her cabin in the Kentucke woods as the snow falls today.  I woke up early (thankfully not to milk the cow or gather wood!) but to move our car down the hill by the gate. It’s nearly impossible to climb this hill in the best of weather so down the hill I went in the dark, long before sunrise. As I trudged back up toward the tiny lights of the cabin in my bathrobe and boots, I felt like I was caught in a snowglobe:) Didn’t mind the cold a bit!

And so here I sit, working by the fireplace and watching the snow fall. On the page of this new novel, I’m smack in the middle of Virginia, 1776, and it’s  June! But what I’d really like is to write a snow scene:)

Hope you’re snug wherever you are today.