Mistress Galleys

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There is a phenomenon in publishing known as ‘galleys’ and they have sailed into my life for the seventh time;) In my pre-publishing days, when I existed in a state of ignorant bliss, I thought galleys sounded rather romantic and images like this floated in my head…


I’m not sure who named galleys but there is one thing ships and books have in common ~ work.

So for the next couple of weeks I will become a galleys slave to the about-to-be-printed page. One great thing about galleys is that they’re typeset and look like a book. I always ask for a hard copy in addition to an e-copy as I work better with a ‘flesh and blood’ copy. Since I’ve been away from these characters since September (and have missed them madly), it is always a joyful and somewhat jarring experience to revisit them through the eyes of my editors. Who might not be as fond of them as I am;)

galleys mistress

On with this next journey… Thoughts and prayers appreciated!