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Now that we’re all in Easter recovery (one too many pieces of coconut cream pie!), my thoughts turn to something just as enticing;) Heroes. Or maybe I should say godly heroes. Huge difference there. Above is a montage of some of my favorite film heroes. Some of them may be yours, too. Most of the heroes in my novels have been good, godly guys. Even Colonel McLinn, on the cliff of discontent and despair, was a godly hero who finished well.

As I set out to craft another story I’d love hearing from you what makes a good hero tick…

The book I’m currently researching after the Ballantynes is set just after the Revolutionary War when the colonies are picking up the pieces and trying to emerge as a new America. I’m thinking it will be set in Virginia or perhaps Georgia though I’m leaning toward Virginia as that is where my family settled before coming into Kentucky. So…

Which of my heroes have you liked best? Can you pinpoint why?

Do you have any heroic names, first or last, you’d like to see in print?

A good hero starts with a good name. I can’t even pen a sentence without a solid first name and surname in place.

I’d love your help!