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february 2013 019

Galleys for Love’s Awakening just arrived and my computer has decided two and a half years of faithful service is enough! So looks like I’m visiting Office Depot today:) Prayers appreciated!

It’s fun and interesting spending time with these characters after a four month absence. You see all sorts of things you didn’t notice when you were intimately acquainted for a year or better.  It’s also my first foray into the 19th-century. Love’s Awakening opens in 1822 on the turnpike between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on a dark and stormy day. But many of you had a little taste of that in the back of Love’s Reckoning:)

Anyway, can’t wait for you to meet Ellie and Jack!

And just so you know, that new cover should appear this week…

If you’ve read Love’s Reckoning, what would you like to see happen with Elspeth in this new story?