Fire Opal

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Fire Opal/Grace Mutell,  1899

by Laura Coombs Hills (American, 1859-1952)

Today I opened the mail and gave a little gasp when I saw this card. I just had to show it to you. It’s from a dear reader in South Carolina who knows just what turns my crank, as they say in Kentucky;)

I think the best part of being an author, aside from the bliss of writing, is connecting with readers far and wide. Part of that is thanks to the Kindle and e-reader craze as print books like mine don’t reach those nether regions. But e-books do.

This past weekend I got an email from Ine in Nigeria who’d just finished  The Colonel’s Lady. Last week I heard from Beata who lives in the middle of Siberia with her Russian husband and six children and who’d stumbled across one of my books. Then there’s Judith from Ghana whose father is a tribal chief. She lives in Scotland now with her husband and three daughters. I’m always amazed that a love of books can link people across the miles.  But I do hear from American readers most.

When I was a girl of about twelve, I had a pen pal from Ireland, a boy named Ciaran. You’ll see his name used in Love’s Awakening. We writers tend to recycle everything:) I never thought I’d grow up and have e-pals because of books.

Anyway, a joyful shout out to Caroline in South Carolina for sending this card to share.

I’m buried in reading through the galleys but will be back soon…

Hope you’re having a blessed week!