Dressing Ellie…and Jack!

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Fashion in 1822 America was very different than in the 18th-century when Ellie Ballantyne’s mother, Eden, came of age. During the Regency period (or Federalist as we call it in American history), genteel women tended to dress the same whether in Europe or America. Many looked to England and France for haute couture though the great designers like Doucet and Worth had yet to come upon the scene. Fashion magazines abounded. Here are a few styles popular in Ellie’s day in the coral color she chose for her own coming out ball.

An underdress would have been worn under the sheer overlay at left. At right you can see the exquisite detail of another gown. Shoes, called slippers, were often made only for ballroom floors like the pair you see here. Femininity and elegance abounded. I tend to prefer 18th-century dress but the styles in 1822 had a charm all their own.

Oh, to be Ellie for a day and dress like this!

My Pinterest board on historic dress keeps me very inspired, hence these pins here.

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Here’s a brief video clip that reminds me of Jack dressing for the New Hope ball ~ just click on the Beau Brummell link beneath this to go there…

Beau Brummell – This Charming Man

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