Cover news and pre-order link!

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My dear readers are always, always on top of things so this post is devoted to Jan who emailed me to tell me she’d found Love’s Fortune up for pre-order this past weekend. She said…

 “For anyone looking to pre-order LOVE’S FORTUNE, here it is for $11.83 price
guaranteed at Amazon:
Thanks, Jan!

Not only that, another delightful email popped into my inbox last Friday from Revell’s art director with a file attached! Since I’d been to the cover shoot in December I had an inkling of what this new cover might look like as far as the model and the dress. But I had no idea of the pose or the background scene/setting, etc. Recently I talked to photographer/designer, Brandon Hill. who said he was working/hoping to give me my best cover yet. Brandon, if you’re reading this, you truly did! Heartfelt thanks for your amazing gifts. And for caring enough about this humble author to create another cover of my heart! Two of them, actually. But more on that later…

So yes, the cover is here and it’s “breathtaking” in the words of my agent, Janet Grant.

But no spoilers for you! Sometime this month the cover will suddenly appear on the web. I never know just when that will happen. I trust you’ll tell me if you see it!

And I hope/pray it delights your heart, too.