Cabin Fever

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Here I sit in my own little woods by my own little hearth waiting for snow:) Last year this cabin was buried beneath a couple of feet with record cold temps but this year nary a swirling flake! We did have a whiteout which looks more like fog than snow below. But the wind blew it all away and blue skies abounded in the span of about fifteen minutes. So I await the white stuff…

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Some of you have asked what I do all day in this little cabin:) Well, my desk is in the cabin loft and I spend a lot of time there since the porch requires a few quilts this time of year. As far as the writing, I’ve just turned in another 18th-century Kentucke story that opens in 1773. It’s dear to my heart because I actually have Daniel Boone in it and the plot pivots around a little known incident in Boone’s adventurous life.

The cover and title are being decided upon now and I can’t wait to see what direction Revell goes with cover art and such. The book will release early 2017. Heartfelt apologies to those dear readers who were expecting another book this coming fall. I’m moving to the spring schedule which will be quite fun after 7 fall releases. Spring is a favorite time because of Easter. I’ll laugh if it comes out on my birthday!

Anyway, a brief update on my neck of the woods.

I’d love to know what’s going on in yours:)