As a new book releases

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I belong to an authors’ group where one member posts the most beautiful prayers on Monday mornings. I’ve become more aware of the power of prayer as I get older yet seem to spend less time doing it than I like. To be on my knees as much as I spend writing would be a blessed thing! Lately I’ve had an unshakable feeling that I should ask for your prayers as this new book is released. Would you join me in praying that this book (any of my books) will reach the hands and hearts they were made for? I am a very small author in a very big sea of books but I do believe every reader counts and writing can be a ministry. Often unbelievers are reached by godly stories when they’d never set foot in a church. And believers are often uplifted and encouraged in unusual ways by stories that never make the New York Times bestseller lists.

Thank you for any prayers said on my behalf as another book is released.

Your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.

Isaiah 26:8