Another review…and ask your library!

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RT review best

Reviews are starting to come in from major trade publications like RT Review, USA Today, and such. I’m very grateful for this top pick by RT Review. Given this story was written at a time when I had nothing much to give, I can only credit the infilling of the Holy Spirit for any accolades/praise. HE truly is the Father who never fails!

This novel is a book of the heart in more ways than one. I’d carried the story idea around with me for some time and was smitten with my hero even before I put him down on paper. It is probably my most suspenseful novel to date and I hope/pray you find it as hard to put down reading it as I did writing it!

I’d like to encourage those of you on a book budget to kindly ask your library, specifically your acquisitions librarian, if they will order The Mistress of Tall Acre. Most are happy to honor patron’s requests. That way, many people can read and enjoy. Love those libraries!

Not too much longer till release day, September 1st!