All you need

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I AM KING OF KINGS and Lord of lords, dwelling in dazzlingly bright light! I am also your Shepherd, Companion, and Friend – the One who never lets go of your hand. Worship Me in My holy Majesty; come close to Me, and rest in My presence. You need Me both as God and as Man. Only My Incarnation on that first, long-ago Christmas could fulfill your neediness. Since I went to such extreme measures to save you from your sins, you can be assured that I will graciously give you all you need.

Nurture well your trust in Me as Savior, Lord, and Friend. I have held back nothing in My provision for you. I have even deigned to live within you! Rejoice in all that I have done for you, and My Light will shine through you into the world.

1 Timothy 6:15-16; Psalm 95:6-7

Romans 8:32; 2 Peter 1:19