A peek at the pages…and a call for quotes!

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One of my favorite things about The Ballantyne Legacy series has been the quotes or epigrams at the start of each chapter. They foreshadow what is to come or hint about the action to unfold. Some readers love them, others feel they are author intrusion. Obviously I love them or they wouldn’t appear. I apologize to those readers who feel they are pulled out of the story by chapter quotes!

I never get tired of coming across new quotes. One of my favorites is by Tolstoy from his Russian epic, Anna Karenina. I’m reading through the pages of Love’s Awakening right now before it goes to print and you get a peek above.

I’m also finishing up Ballantyne book 3 and would love if you’d share some of your favorite quotes below. I tend to only use historic quotes from the 19th-century or earlier but feel free to share from any century. If they dovetail with the chapters I’ve written I’ll try to use them.

So…any favorite epigrams you’d like to see in a novel?