A last look at Scotland and Spain…

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I’m finally finished developing all those photos from the Scotland/Spain trip and stuffing them into albums. Thought I’d post a few favorites here before tucking those memories away…


Spent my last day on the Isle of Mull here at Duart Castle. Legend has it that the laird of this castle, incensed by his barren wife, rowed her out to a tiny island and her left on the rocks so high tide could drown her and he could remarry. Her brother, wise to the plan, rescued her then invited her murderous husband to a fine dinner. There she surprised him and pleaded for his life lest her brother kill him. Later another brother did. Tragic if rich story fodder!


Here are the remaining stone crofts of the two abandoned villages along the headlands of Mull. Once thriving, both were destroyed during the Highland Clearances. I found it so moving to walk among the ruins and imagine the full lives once led there. They were very humble people but what a kingly view!


Fast forward to Edinburgh and The Chocolate Lounge, one of my favorite haunts in the city :). Here we recover from long walks on the headlands and lost history by watching gourmet cupcakes on tiny conveyer belts whiz by. Is it any wonder I spent a couple of tea times right here?!


  Vanilla bean cupcakes and Earl Gray are a winning combination.


But Red Velvet will do nicely, too!


Nothing like restoring perspective by wandering in a graveyard, in this case one along the Royal Mile when the trees/flowers are in full bloom. Being from a long line of Duncans and Ballantynes/Blantons, I found this gravestone especially interesting.

spanish roses .jpg

Making the switch from sunny Scotland to sunny Spain wasn’t hard to do! The roses in Spain are hard to describe. Their perfume is so potent ~ and the sky so blue.


Hats off to my little brother, Chris, for putting up with me for the month of May. My room was off the little balcony to the right in this photo. Wishing for some Spanish sunshine here in the misty woods of western Washington!

Are you having a sunny summer where you are? Or just dreaming of a sunny spot like me?