A joyous Eden…and a new title!

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I like to think of this photo as a joyous Eden when she spies Silas:)

Can you blame him for being smitten in turn?

This morning (after one of those weeks!), photographer/designer, Brandon Hill, blessed me by posting a montage of the cover shoot for Love’s Reckoning from 400 or so photos taken last December.

I. Am. So. Delighted:)

And it makes me very excited to think of the upcoming cover for book 2!

And to share the new title with you! So…

Book 2 in The Ballantyne Legacy is  now officially and irrevocably:

Love’s Awakening

Like? Does the title hint at what the book might be about?

Now that we have book 2 named, we need some creative naming for books 3 and 4! Can you think of some other titles that might work?

Love’s Reckoning

Love’s Awakening