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November 2, 2016 | Comment on This

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It is a huge privilege to host the very gifted Suzanne Woods Fisher. We both share the same editor and publisher, Revell. Her Amish covers are among my favorites in the genre and this night scene is particularly beautiful as is the title. Here’s a brief peek at her latest release:

The Devoted features Ruthie Stoltzfus, a bright and restless young woman who is on the cusp of leaving the Amish. She’s got a plan in place…and then Patrick Kelly, a non-Amish Canadian, arrives in Stoney Ridge. He’s got a plan of his own, with a perspective on life that turns Ruthie’s world upside down.


Joke’s on Me

by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Each spring, I plant a vegetable garden as if my family was dependent solely on its harvest for survival. Tomatoes, carrots, spinach, lettuce, sunflowers, corn, peppers, peas, beans, pumpkins, onions, garlic, a variety of herbs that includes lots and lots of basil (for pesto!). It’s a large area, fenced in, tucked in the corner of our yard, with eight raised beds, lined by two rows of grape vines. It’s my special spot—mainly because my husband and children don’t like to garden. (They do like to eat, though.)

So this garden has always been my happy place—a sweet refuge within shouting distance of my four children as they played in the yard. A happy place…until this year, when a certain buck-toothed furry creature moved in.


While Gopher looks adorable in the Winnie the Pooh cartoons wearing his little hard hat, he is much less appealing in person. Beady little eyes, big pointy nose, and I already mentioned his need for orthodontics. I can say such mean things because I have seen him, multiple times. In fact, we have had staring contests in my garden. He pops out of a hole (in a raised bed, despite tight galvanized wire lining its entire base!) and watches me. Chuckling, I think.

I’ve tried everything I could, humanely, to evict Gopher. Non-kill traps. Getting rid of my compost pile. Vibrating stakes that promise to scare him away. Chiles, coffee grounds, even dryer sheets, tucked into his tunnels (apparently gophers are fussy about smells). Owl boxes! (And a nesting pair did move in.) Nothing works. This little guy is a genius. I almost—almost—admire him.

Until yesterday.

I went up to the garden to pick my favorite pumpkin. I’d been carefully nurturing this particular pumpkin so that it would sit by the front door for October. I cut the stem, picked it up…and noticed it was extremely lightweight. Suspiciously light. I turned it over and…well, if I were a cussing woman, I would have cussed. Gopher had tunnelled to the base of the pumpkin and hollowed it out. Not a seed remained. Not one. From my above-ground view, the pumpkin had looked perfect. But it was empty! If I didn’t know better, it’s like he’s been playing a joke on me.

But the joke’s on him. All bets are off, Gopher.


Happy hunting, all!

Bio: Suzanne Woods Fisher is a bestselling, award winning author of fiction and non-fiction books about the Old Order Amish. You can find Suzanne on-line at, on Facebook at or @suzannewfisher on Twitter. Stay tuned to see who wins the garden battle—Gopher or Suzanne!

Here’s the Stop #23 Skinny:

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For my own personal giveaway item, I’d love to send you an additional Kentucky-crafted Christmas ornament. To enter, please:

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Thank you! I’ll announce the winner on November 7th!

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  1. Deana Dick says:

    Liked your Facebook page and left message of ornament. Thsnk you for being in the scavenger hunt.

  2. Sparksofember says:

    I know someone who has similar battles with a gopher. The sneaky beast eats the bottoms of carrots so she doesn’t realize they are gone until she pulls them out of the ground!

    • laurafrantz says:

      Oh my! A gardening nightmare lol! We have quite a few pesky critters too in ours. Sigh. Bless you for stopping! Happy hunting to you:)

  3. Mary Goodwin says:

    Just love your books. Read several of them and you are so talented. Would love to win an ornament not for my tree since I don’t room for one but for my daughter-in-law’s tree. She goes all out for Christmas.

    • laurafrantz says:

      Mary, Bless you for taking time for the fall hunt – love your generous heart for your daughter in law! I love Christmas so much that it’s easy to go with the ornament theme. I hope you win!

  4. Nikki says:

    Wow! I am so excited that you are a part of this scavenger hunt. You are BY FAR one of my favorite authors. I was hooked after the Ballentyne Legacy series. Thank you for creating all of you amazing stories. I would like your Facebook page if I had facebook. 🙂 Can’t wait to read A moonbow night!

    • laurafrantz says:

      Nikki! So happy you’re on the hunt! Love your gracious spirit and heart for my books. I sure miss those Ballantynes:) No worries about Facebook. You’ve made my day by being here. Thanks for your kind comments and happy hunting!

  5. Shantelle says:

    Already liked! 🙂

  6. Evelyn Smith says:

    Liked you page and left the comment ‘ornament’. This is an interesting hunt and I look forward to the possibility of winning.

  7. Joanna Rundquist says:

    Left the comment “ornament”. 🙂 I remember years ago my mom was walking for exercise and as she took a step the ground gave way and her foot went in and she broke her ankle! It was a gopher hole that had caved in. 🙁

    • laurafrantz says:

      Your poor Mom, Joanne! You deserve an ornament for that story alone:) Bless you and everyone here!

  8. gloria says:

    Thanks for the contest would have loved to be in running for ornament but I do not do face book.Happy Holidays

  9. Samantha T says:


  10. Samantha T says:

    Thanks for the hunt and fun giveaway opportunity

  11. Mamotts says:


  12. apple blossom says:

    liked and comment left thanks

  13. Mary Kay says:

    Looking forward to reading and visiting. Poor Suzanne’s and your gardens. A neighbor said you can buy a small bottle of coyote urine. She says it works. Also dog fur, I think.

    Hope you both find the solution. How disappointing to pick up an empty pumpkin!

  14. OH NO! That ornery little mastermind!

    Hugs, Amada

  15. Beverly Duell-Moore says:

    I make a home made ornament for my grand-niece every year. I’ve made her one every year since she was born. So she has eight so far.

    • laurafrantz says:

      Beverly, Your niece is very blessed to have you as her auntie! I love ornaments so that’s why I’m giving this. I just wish I had one for everyone kind enough to stop here!

  16. Saundra McKenzie says:

    liked the FB page and commented

  17. Megan Hilgendorf says:

    Eager to read your books

  18. Stephanie says:

    I’m not on facebook, so can’t enter your giveaway. But, just wanted you to know I thoroughly enjoy your books! I am so looking forward to Moonbow Night’s release! 🙂


    • laurafrantz says:

      Bless you, Stephanie. Please consider yourself and others who are Facebook free entered in the ornament giveaway:) I admire you for staying off social media!

  19. Janet B. says:

    I liked your Facebook page. I left an ornament comment on the Scavenger announcement post. Thank you!

  20. Rebekah Gyger says:

    lol, I have had a similar struggle with ants (eating my blackberries) and snails (eating my greenbeans). It can be super frustrating.

  21. Lisa says:

    Liked Facebook & left ornament comment

  22. Winnie Thomas says:

    I enjoyed your post and I’m looking forward to reading your new book. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. And thanks for the chance to win a Kentucky ornament. I left a comment on your Facebook page.

  23. Brenda W says:

    I liked your page and typed ornament. Do you have a picture of a Moon Bow posted?

    • laurafrantz says:

      Brenda, I do have a moonbow photo coming up a few days ahead of the book’s release in January, thanks to my publisher! I hope you see it when it goes live!

  24. Barbara says:

    i hate to say this…..but i bet that gopher is going to be the one that is going to win…..he’s toooooo smart lol

  25. Shirley Davidson says:

    Hi there, we’ve been FB friends for awhile. I’m curious to see the Kentucky crafted ornament. I used to be a crafty person, back in the day. Having so much fun with the Hunt and glad to see you here again

  26. Abigail Mitchell says:

    Your books look awesome. Already have your page on my likes. And thanks for the chance to win a Christmas “ornament”. That’d be awesome!

  27. Sheila DeRuiter says:

    Would love to receive an ornament!! Would love to read your book and then go to see a moon bow!

  28. Becky Smith says:

    Liked Suzanne’s page and commented ornament. I have not yet read any of her books, but look forward to reading them. Thanks for being part of the hunt. Laura, I plan to start reading your books SOON!!

    • laurafrantz says:

      Becky, Would so love to have you as a reading friend! That’s the joy of these hunts – discovering new authors and readers:) Very thankful!

  29. Heidi says:

    Thank you for being a stop in the hunt! I love reading your books! Can’t wait to read the new release, just in time for my birthday!

    • laurafrantz says:

      Heidi, Bless you for your gracious spirit! So happy Moonbow has a book birthday along with your own birthday! WOOHOO:)

  30. Hannah says:


  31. Karen says:

    You’re a much nicer person than I am! I would’ve poisoned the gopher by now. It’s always a last resort, but when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. 😮

  32. Debbie Wilks says:

    Ornament! I was born in Kentucky and this would be a beautiful addition to my ornament collection! Thank you!

  33. Stephanie H. says:

    I would sign up for your Facebook page but I don’t do Facebook any more. I did sign up for your Journal Updates though(if that counts).

  34. Debbie Rhoades says:

    I had already liked your page and I did leave a “ornament” comment there. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  35. TAMMY CUEVAS says:

    I’ve liked your FB page and entered the ornament comment on the giveaway thread.

  36. Angi G. says:

    Hi Laura! Just stopped by your author page to leave a little message that included the word ‘ornament’ in it. I enjoyed the snippet of “Moonbow” and can’t wait for the FULL version. Hope you’re enjoying the lovely fall days in beautiful Kentucky. The trees have already reached their peak here and many have lost their leaves. But the weather remains gorgeous, as we’ve been in the 60’s and 70’s. Praying you have a fabulous weekend and thank you for participating in the hunt! 🙂

    • laurafrantz says:

      So loving this warm, long fall, Angi. Great to return home from a busy day to find your comments here. It’s such a fun hunt and the timing this year is perfect! Moonbow coming your way soon:)

  37. Brenda Arrington says:

    I stopped by your author page and left a little message with Ornament in it. Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  38. Pam Myers says:

    I love your books you are a very gifted writer and I would love a Kentucky ornament as I decorate my whole house and have several trees

  39. Jennie says:

    Liked your page on Facebook, and commented”ornament” on the post about the contest- hope that was the right place! Thanks! 🙂

  40. Diana says:

    I really wish I had a facebook, but alas I guess I’m too old-fashioned. I cannot wait to read your newest release! God bless:)

  41. Bonnie Roof says:

    Since I’ve already liked your Facebook page years ago – will just leave the comment “ornament” here, Laura, LOL!! Loved that tidbit tease from ‘A Moonbow Night’and getting oh, so excited to read the entire novel – it’s a comforting “come home again” feeling each time I think about it!! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  42. My sweet friend Laura… yesterday we went to ontario orchards and I picked up some pumpkin donuts and cider donuts to treat the children and while there saw some awesome ornaments made from crystals that looked like angels and some metal ones like snowmen. Both things reminding me of this post !!! Love Suzanne’s books !
    Can’t wait to see who wins !!! This is a yearly adventure for me !!!
    Linda Marie Finn

  43. Carolyn Benton says:

    You’re a new author to me and it’s with the same vigor that I’ll read one of your books. I love getting to know new authors. And, thank you for the ornament giveaway. I like all my ornaments to be uniquely different, none two the same.

  44. Pauline Osborne says:

    Hello Laura, I have put your blog info on my blog, like seeing your work and reading new books-look forward to Moonbow .I too read Suzanne Woods Fisher and thank you for sharing info on her work on the “Hunt”. I am off to the next spot.

  45. Joan Arning says:

    Love Love Love your books!

  46. Hi Laura!

    Thanks for hosting me on the Hunt! Such a fun fall weekend of “scavenging!”

    Warmly, Suzanne

    • laurafrantz says:

      Honored to host you, Suzanne, Had lunch today with a reader who absolutely loves your books! Why am I not surprised:) Thanks for being such a light and blessing!

  47. Deena says:

    Thank you for participating Love your books

  48. Karen says:

    ornament A MOONBEAM NIGHT sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to read it. I loved reading 2 of your other Kentucky books COURTING MORROW LITTLE and THE FRONTIERSMAN’S DAUGHTER. Very fascinating books and rather unusual settings. I Love Historical fiction and romance genre.

  49. Edward Arrington says:

    We don’t have gophers here but we have groundhogs. I think they are in the same family. Suzanne’s experience with the gopher sounds very much like my experience with groundhogs. I have been battling them for years. In the past few years, I have used a trap to catch some of them. A few weeks ago, I caught a skunk. I have dealt with a couple of raccoons and a number of groundhogs but I called in some animal experts to deal with the skunk. Now I’m hesitant to set the trap out again for fear of catching another skunk. I know there are still some in the neighborhood.

  50. Jess Mcsweeney says:

    Hi Laura!
    Oh your book – Courting Marrow Little was just about the most beautiful gem ever! Oh please tell me there will be more early fronteer settler books and more falling in love with Shawnee – theres so much danger and intrigue about them in that time that its so jucy to read about!
    Oh please – and thank you for being a new fav author!
    I read all your books that have even a hint of Shawnee and early settler anywhere! thanks!

    • laurafrantz says:

      Hi Jess! So love your heart for Morrow! I do miss those characters and even think of writing a sequel:) Yes, this time period is fraught with danger, one of the things I most like about the time period. Bless you for being here!