Winter break…

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Planning the Grand Tour, Emil Brack


This is a highly romanticized, detailed painting straight out of the time period I’m currently lost in:)

Things are going to go dark here for a little while as I take care of endorsements for other authors and cram as much writing time in before galleys arrive for book 2 of The Ballantyne Legacy. Then it’s back to writing book 3 and researching book 4…

In the meantime, I’ll put up some random posts so you can just look and enjoy. Since I find you readers irresistible and myself highly distractible, I’m going to close comments;)

But when I come back we’ll have a little party and celebrate that next cover. A reader reminded me this morning to share the back cover copy for Love’s Awakening so I’ll try to do that, too, once the cover appears.

See you soon!