What are YOU reading?!

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bookcase best

This is the bookshelf of my dreams. And then there’s bookshelf reality below. Well, one of them!


I always seem to be fussing or ‘fixing’ my bookshelves. Rearranging. Adding. Subtracting. Dusting! All those copies of Love’s Awakening are now gone and I’m awaiting Love’s Fortune

The little pile of fluff you see on the bottom shelf is sheep’s wool picked up while hiking in Scotland last May. Beside it is a favorite early American plate depicting a Revolutionary War hero I think of as Colonel McLinn and some powdered lass. Lots of odds and ends on this small bookcase! And then there are the book baskets on either side. Sigh. Never enough room for books. That’s why Kindle was invented, right? No need for bookshelves!

I’ve been blissfully reading upcoming novels for endorsement. Two of them are Northkill and The Pelican Bride, both excellent and highly recommended.

book cover collage.jpg

For research I’m deep into several Revolutionary War books including diaries and letters of the period. And I’m one chapter away from finishing the novel releasing in fall of 2015 set in 1785 Virginia. But I digress…

What are YOU reading? Or what are you looking forward to reading?