Those Reviews

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I’m blessed by readers who enjoy my books and then leave reviews about what the story meant to them. I also admire those who might not enjoy a book but point out what they do and don’t like in a gracious, helpful way.

Good reviews are like the finest chocolate. Here’s one and I call literary. You can tell the writer, an author herself, knows her craft well and has a deep love for the written word. What a joy to read! If you’ve not met Rachel McMillan, she’s an amazing wordsmith!

Many reviews are short & sweet. I’m blessed by one word reviews like “Great!” Some reviewers explain what the book meant to them personally. These heartfelt summations make very worthwhile reading and allow an author a rare glimpse into a reader’s head and heart. No one can refute what a book means to you. Every person is unique so every review is unique, a gift from their perspective, much like a person’s fingerprint.

From a marketing standpoint, good reviews drive sales. And the more reviews, the better. Amazon even sits up and takes notice when a book reaches 50 reviews and then they bump the book up to another, better level of exposure. Publishing is a business though my creative mind and heart views a book differently.

When my debut novel, The Frontiersman’s Daughter, released almost ten years ago, I read even the one stars in hopes of improving my writing and learning from them. But I found that what one person hated another loved. My publisher told me it takes at least three or more positive reviews to overcome the sting of one negative review. I confess I don’t usually read reviews now unless a reading friend sends me a link.

So for readers who enjoy a book and care enough to leave a review ~ huge, heartfelt thanks!