The Armchair Traveler

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A few months ago the words “armchair traveler” came to mind. Having had several trips cancelled due to the pandemic, I found the thought intriguing so just sat on it for awhile. The only traveling I’d done last year was through my books! Truly, every story is an adventure that takes you somewhere. Or should! In my case, the Kentucky and Virginia frontiers, Scotland, Pennsylvania, etc.

So I asked a travel-loving friend, the irrepressible Pepper Basham, to join me in launching a private group called The Armchair Traveler. Fun to think what’s born from a tiny seed of an idea or just a few words. And a few cancelled trips!

So we’ve just launched and would love for you to join us if you can! We don’t just talk books but traveling, tea, ancestry, and more! It’s inspiring, fun, & uplifting! Proving armchair travel is truly a wonderful adventure!