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When I first began publishing in 2009, there were not as many Christian fiction titles out there and fewer covers that stood out. Fast forward almost 10 years and things have changed in a tremendously eye-catching way!

I’ve always been drawn most to historical fiction because that’s what I chose to write beginning at age 7. I grew up reading a lot in the general market and came to the Christian fiction shelves late. Thankfully, there are many clean, well written novels to choose from currently and I’m so excited about several historicals on the horizon.

Two of my favorite historical authors have new covers that pop in such beautiful, evocative ways and are a true credit to the genre. Both of these authors are personal friends who bless me not only in person but on the page!

Joanne’s first in her new series, Sons of Blackbird Mountain, will be in hand soon. So happy there’s a second in the series only a few months after. Both covers contain elements I love like that misty, intriguing setting and the heroine facing away from the camera. The second is gorgeous with all that color and the lovely, windswept shawl giving the scene motion.

Another keeper of a cover is Jocelyn’s Between Two Shores. Such a fitting title for this frontier story. Love the heroine’s braid, her pose as she gazes out the window, her locket, her very 18th-century gown – and those feathers! Also, the split screen with the water and canoe speaks to the Indian theme. There’s something very unique about this story that I love. But no spoilers for you!

I’ve been cover hunting for Lori Benton’s upcoming historical due out spring 2019. The working title is The King’s Mercy but I’m not sure if that’s the final title. I’ll be sure to share as soon as it appears online. She writes such quality prose and does amazing in-depth research. Another author I’m blessed to be friends with!

Now that A Bound Heart is available for pre-order, I’m starting the official countdown to release day, January 1st, 2019. Looks like we have plenty of wonderful historicals to choose from in the meantime.

Happy reading!