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You are my place of quiet retreat.

Psalm 119:114

Nothing quite like taking a road trip to Tennessee in October! Appalachia is truly a queen with her fall color. You just have to look down this beautiful lane to see it’s so. I love fall for many reasons, one of which is retreating to outer Nashville where my friend and fellow writer, Tamara Leigh, lives. Tam meets us on the porch when we roll past their gate and then takes us inside her beautiful home to a true oasis. Who said writing novels is done in isolation? I did:) Most of the time, anyway. But for several blessed days we feast, fellowship, and write our hearts out, together!

This year I’m starting a new novel set on the frontier of western Virginia. Here’s a peek at the storyboard I came up with, a fun visual that anchors the setting. I have my hero’s name (I think) but only know the heroine’s first so far. I’ll scour surnames of that region for just the right one. And I need to decide which river and fort they’re going to occupy. All those manly names above shall remain a mystery for now. No spoilers for you!

I have to start with an action scene, something that makes you want to turn the page. And a compelling plot and proper romance:) If you’re getting whiplash following me from the frontier to more genteel settings like Colonial Williamsburg, here we go again!

While packing for this retreat, I remembered the beautiful verse above. We don’t have to go far or anywhere at all to get away or be refreshed, not when God is our true retreat wherever we are. For that I’m immensely thankful.