Novel Faces

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Recently a reader asked where I draw inspiration for my characters. Such a thought-provoking question deserves a worthy answer! Here’s a collage of novel faces {I also have a Pinterest board devoted to the same} that inspires me to create the characters in my novels. You may recognize some!

Clay Tygart; Seamus Ogilvy; James Sackett

Tempe Tucker; Wren Ballantyne; Lael Click

Let’s start with the inspiration behind my upcoming novel An Uncommon Woman. Long before I began the story of a young woman born and bred on the frontier, I stumbled across the art of Anne Kushnick. When I came face to face with the painting Ani Get Your Gun, I knew instantly I’d found the template for heroine Tessa Swan. Take a gander at Tessa here and a dozen descriptors leap to mind about her character. She’s no city miss!


One of my favorite paintings is by frontier artist David Wright titled Someone is Wondering Why He Don’t Write. Maybe the better question is can he? This rugged frontiersman became my template for one of my favorite heroes, Sion Morgan in A Moonbow Night. Here he is riding shotgun to a book club meeting in Kentucky.

I just submitted novel 12 to my head editor on November 1st and told her it’s a favorite of the novels I’ve written. Not THE favorite as I don’t have one though you might;) James Towne in 1634 is a very fascinating place which required a tremendous amount of research since it’s not in my usual time period. I hope you’ll find the story & setting as intriguing as I do! I’m also very excited to share the template or photo of the heroine here & in my newsletter when the time comes. Cover art will begin soon.

Till next time, happy reading!