New Revolutionary War Drama Coming Sunday…

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Coming up for air here after the galleys and am awaiting the pages next before Love’s Fortune goes to print. This week is spring break for my boys so I’ll be enjoying that with them. But I had to sneak in a post to tell you about TURN, the new Revolutionary War drama about George Washington’s spy ring that airs this Sunday, April 6th.


Love this still from the series and the period appropriate dress. Here’s the trailer and blurb if you want to take a further look…


 I’ve just finished reading a related book so my head is spinning with the spy theme…

turn book

This was a very moving account of the ring that gave their all and risked life and limb in our fight for freedom. It’s nonfiction but well worth your time if you are into the American Revolution as I am.

Might make a fine pairing with that chocolate cake recipe I posted:)