Merry Christmas to you!

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The past six months since moving into our Kentucky cabin have been the busiest and happiest and most challenging ever. I’ll share some of the highlights with you here beginning with my first Kentucky book signing at LifeWay in Richmond. Thanks to help from dear friends and readers it was a wonderful, memorable day! The Mistress of Tall Acre has been well received and I’m very thankful…

Despite the busyness, there’s been a lot of time spent in the swing on our porch, writing and visiting and just plain old quiet time. Paul likes to play the banjo out here and I enjoy the dulcimer. Watching the change of seasons has been especially joyful…

blog quilt

Another joy is having the blessing of family heirlooms taken out of old trunks like these quilts of my great grandmother, said to be about 115 years old. These old treasures are right at home in the cabin and it’s a pleasure to fill this tiny place with them…

blog marker

I turned in another book to my publisher recently which will be out spring of 2017. Both title and cover are in the works. I’m especially excited about this novel as it’s set in 18th-century Kentucky and the plot centers around this historic marker in Powell Valley, Virginia. Can’t wait for you to meet this colorful cast of characters!

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Lately, it’s been fun decorating for Christmas and doing some holiday baking, having friends over, and attending church activities. It’s amazing to be back in the Bible belt and have so many Spirit-filled congregations to worship with…

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As another year closes, I’m so grateful for reading friends and those of you who take time for my books and this humble journal page. I’m amazed at the Lord’s mercy and grace as He continues to supply me with what I need on a minute by minute basis no matter the season.

I pray your Christmas is overflowing with the ONE who made it all possible.

See you in the New Year!