LifeWay and Love’s Reckoning

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eden by brandon hill

Eden Ballantyne by Brandon Hill

This is my favorite photograph of Eden from the Love’s Reckoning cover shoot. It has a haunting quality about it that reminds me of The Last of the Mohicans, especially the heartrending  cliffside scene between Uncas and Alice. I am not much of a moviegoer but I must confess when it released, I went  to see it 7 times in the theater. Night after night after night. It was during a dark time in my life and was the perfect escape. It also fueled this writing ministry. Never doubt that God will take your pain and turn it into your passion. He’s very creative:)

Speaking of books, movies, and whatnot, LifeWay’s most popular sale of the year has just begun and Rachel McRae, LifeWay’s fiction buyer, has a wonderful website telling about it with along with some great giveaways. You’ll even find Eden there!

Happy reading!