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Every January equals new hopes or changes and I wanted to share my favorite devotional books this year, including one fictional book a dear reader gave me for Christmas called Stepping Heavenward. Some of you undoubtedly have read this little gem of a woman’s journey to Godliness. 

Since last August I’ve been on the sweetest journey of my life and hope to share more of that with you here soon. It came after a very dark period, a time of searching and wrestling like I’ve never known. Just as that new journey began, the Lord led me to the little book, Blessings for the Morning. It was tailor-made for me during that sweet season and continues to bless me in ways I can’t recount.

I’m re-discovering that God is a deeply personal God, passionate and involved in every detail of ours lives, and He desires a rich relationship with us every minute of every day. Some of you may be saying, “Well, yeah – duh!” but for this girl, I’m learning it later than sooner. Better late than never:)

I’d love to hear what your favorite devotionals are ~ or anything that the Lord is using to bless and change you! We’re in this together and I’m so very thankful!