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One of the recurring themes in my novels is home. That longing for a place, a safe haven, some refuge not quite attainable in this world.

Here are some poignant words on home worth repeating…

You want to go home. The instinct for heaven is just that: homesickness,
ancient as night, urgent as daybreak. All your longings—for the place you
grew up, for the taste of raspberry tarts that your mother once pulled hot
from the oven, for that bend in the river where your father took you fishing
as a child, where the water was dark and swirling and the caddis flies
hovered in the deep shade—all these longings are a homesickness, a wanting
in full what all these things only hint at, only prick you with. These are
the things seen that conjure in our emotions the Things Unseen.

—Mark Buchanan, Things Unseen

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