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PicMonkey Collage best heroines ever

I suppose it’s just not fair to have a heroes post and not a heroines post…so here it is:)

Hats off to Jan for prompting me!

People sometimes ask how I name the characters in my novels. I think it’s a little like naming a baby:). I give it a great deal of thought. I always search for a name that fits the heroine’s heart and spirit. The first name and surname need to be true to the time period and setting. No Britneys or Desirees in 18th-century America, at least none that I’ve found! Hopefully it’s a name the author and reader both like as they’ll be repeating it over and over again.

Lael was an archaic name I’d tucked away to use many years ago. Don’t remember where it came from but I liked it. Only when I finished the novel did I research the name and find it’s Hebrew in origin and means pursued by God. I was touched and humbled discovering that as the book really was about the Lord’s pursuit of Lael throughout the novel. Her last name, Click, was a variation on my grandmother’s maiden name, Cleek.

Morrow was borrowed from the Billy Graham Family as Mr. Graham has a granddaughter by that name. Little was snagged out of thin air and fit her well since she was small.

Roxanna was the name of my Great-Great Grandmother who was called Roxie. I chose Rowan because it’s one of my favorite Kentucky trees.

Eden was described as lush in the novel and loved her garden. Lee was very simple and easy to type umpteen times!

Ellie is the shortened form of the Scots Elinor. Ballantyne is a corruption of my mother’s family name, sadly. Ballantyne is so much richer-sounding than Blanton!

Which brings me to my need for my next character name…help!

Which old-fashioned female names do you like? Any relatives with interesting names in your family history? Any names that you’d like to see used in a novel?