George who?

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Every century has its name preferences. The 18th-century is full of Marthas and Anns and Janes. I even have my hero jest about it in novel 11 when he meets the heroine whose name is more uncommon. As far as manly names, George reigns! Indeed, King George fought a war with America over its independence and now there’s the present day Prince George due to inherit the throne in England. A few of my other favorite Georges of yesteryear include George Washington, George Rogers Clark, George Mason, & George Whitefield.

There’s even a George in my own family tree that inspired A Bound Heart. 

My George was a Scottish laird and Baronet, one of the Humes that clashed with England. Their hereditary estate, Wedderburn Castle, was in the fractious Scottish borders. The Humes have the sad footnote of having both a father and son killed in the same battle while the other six sons, called the Spears of Wedderburn, lived.

My George (6th great~grandfather) – “Geordie” as he was called within his family – was just one of the Humes who got into a bit of trouble with the king for his Jacobite politics which landed him in Marshalsea prison for high treason and found him exiled to America in 1721.

The plot twist in his story is that he was kin to Virginia’s royal governor who made him a Crown Surveyor for the colony. George Hume is credited with teaching the young George Washington surveying. His field books survive as do his letters to his family in Scotland.

Thus, the laird Magnus MacLeish was born in A Bound Heart. Though the fictitious laird takes a different path than my George, I hope you find it just as remarkable.

Only four more Tuesdays till the story of my heart & heritage!